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I write stories from my heart. What that means is my creative processes do not work in terms of selecting a genre to write in. Stories get formed in my head from all kinds of sources and if they gather enough momentum then I’ll start to write. This is what makes me happy as a writer…the freedom to go where my heart leads.

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Nicky NoFace & The Face Critters, my latest novel is a magical fantasy adventure. Imagine your eyes, ears, nose and mouth leap off your face and run around with little arms and legs and minds of their own…well that’s what happens to 12 year-old Nicky when evil circus performers kidnap him to turn him into a monster for the nastiest freak show ever.

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My novel – The Kiss of Karma – is a psychological thriller with many layers. It is a tender love story between two teenagers, set against a horrific backdrop of violence, betrayal and abuse, not only in the streets, but in the home. It is about a brother’s love for his sister, and a mother who struggles against her own past, her in-bred belief systems, and her battle to find the strength to do what she knows is right for her children. The story began life way back in 2001 as an image in my head – a young boy lighting a candle in front of the Hindu God Ganesh. Since then it took a life of its own, traveling quite a journey in its development…but the candle scenes remain.

The concepts of karma, destiny, fate have always been of interest to me and they have found their way into my work. We all think about the past and the future and about why things happen to us the way they do. Is it all co-incidence? Or is it in fact part of a bigger picture we cannot perceive? Terrible things happen to Ash, the lead character in the story and as he sets out to change his life, these are the kinds of questions that haunt him.

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The Wrath of Karma 3D 125

The Wrath of Karma is a sequel to The Kiss of Karma. At certain points in life, we are faced with major decisions that determine the course of our future. Turn a different corner, choose another path and destiny is not what it might have been. Sometimes there is no way back. In the Kiss of Karma, young Ash finds himself in such a situation. He is at a dreadful fork in the road and chooses a path…and the future is what it is.

The Wrath of Karma rewinds to that point and continues along the other path and a destiny he could never have imagined.

Featuring the same cast of characters, The Wrath of Karma is a parallel destiny, an alternate future. Ash is embroiled in a criminal world, fighting demons of his past, as well as ruthless gangsters. It is the story about a young man compelled to believe his life is the consequence of the choices he made as a child. Find out more

Some good news! The Wrath of Karma is a finalist in the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards!


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