A gripping coming-of-age story – The Kiss of Karma – is a no-holds-barred thriller, a tale of abuse, courage and survival…and a tender romance between two teenagers…which, by the end of Chapter One, will leave you with a gut-wrenching question:

What would you do if you were 14 year-old Ash?knife small????

He’s a bright kid growing up in crime-ridden east London. His family survives on welfare benefits. His old man is a boozer and a cruel, manipulative bastard. His mum? She puts up with it, barely keeping things together. His little sister, Nisha?  Weird…though when Ash hears her recite a poem, he knows exactly why. His childhood ends forever in that moment.

And he needs to grow up faster than the speed of light.

At first glance, the solution is easy. Tell someone. Talk. Share the problem. With Sherifa, his girlfriend?

Every time he tries, though, or even thinks about it, the words won’t come out. He’s trapped in a web of guilt, fear, shame…and death threats, all made worse by his mother’s answer for everything – “It’s our karma.”

But Ash is a determined kid.

Going it alone, he takes risks and tries everything he can to get his father out of their lives. The consequences are brutal.

But he won’t give up.

Then events escalate and he is left with only one option…

The Kiss of Karma is a story of lives wrecked by secrets, of love and tenderness amidst brutality. It is about a boy prepared to do whatever it takes to change destiny. A fast moving thriller and a rollercoaster ride of emotions, Ashok’s story will resonate in your thoughts.


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  1. Hugh Smith July 13, 2013 at 18:06 #

    Your book sounds great Vimal, can’t wait to check it out. All the best!

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