The Wrath Of Karma


A Parallel Destiny

You can run from the laws of mankind…but the law of karma always catches you up.kali small

Turn a different corner, choose another path and destiny is not what it might have been.

The Wrath of Karma rewinds to Chapter 42 of The Kiss of Karma.

This time Ash makes a terrifying decision from which there is no way back…knife blood small

…and the future is more brutal than the past.

Ten years later, Ash has everything a poor kid from a council estate can dream of – money, cars, beautiful women. But it all comes at a price. He hates what he has become and what his sister has turned into. Indebted to Ramesh Rahman, now the head of a successful criminal empire, Ash is trapped in a vicious gangland world. Karma is set to come full circle and only a violent end lies in store. Hope returns when Sherifa, his childhood sweetheart turns up, but she is not the girl he once knew. As dark secrets unravel and betrayals mount, Ash has to use his wits to stay alive, leaving behind him a trail of bodies and blood.

Featuring the same cast of characters as The Kiss of Karma, The Wrath of Karma is a high octane, riveting story… with the eternal question:

Can true love change the course of destiny?

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